Our team has researched, used, and tested literally hundreds of listing building techniques, training, list building services, and software - nothing beats running and building lists using Lead Kahuna.

We've been running Lead Kahuna for years - we're actually one of their first 20 or 30 customers. 

1st reason why we chose Lead Kahuna:
They have more data points than other sources. They'll tell us all kinds of things: how many reviews do they have, what's their average review rating. They'll tell us their website URLs, what platform their website runs on. 

All these additional data points help us personalize our offer and it also helps us stay out of the spam.

Why? Because when we're able really personalize the emails with all the additional data points. 

Which also makes the emails very unique. Which helps us scale.

2nd reason why we chose Lead Kahuna:  
It has better success rate at generating correct key details like: first name and last name of the business owner and correct contact details, like email and phone number.

Here are all the fields we get from Lead Kahuna:

Company Name
Postal Code
Website URL
Website URL Screenshot
Owner First Name
Owner Last Name
Year Started
Revenue Estimate
Website Type
Contact Form
Desktop Site Load Time
Mobile Site Load Time
SSL Verified
Video on Homepage
Micro-formats Citation
Phone In Text Format
Facebook Connection
Google+ Connection
Youtube Connection
Twitter Connection
Instagram Connection
Mobile Responsive
Mobile Optimized Site
Ranking on the 1st Page
Ranking on the Map
1st Category
Google+ URL
Google+ URL Screenshot
Owner Verified
Google Reviews #
Google+ Score
Google My Business Videos
Top Maps Company
List of Competitors
Google Bad Reviews #
Google Reviewer Name Bad 1
Google Reviewer Name Bad 2
Google Bad Review 1
Google Bad Review 2
Google Good Reviews #
Google Reviewer Name (Good)
Google Good Review
IP Bad Reviews #
IP Bad Reviews
YP Reviews #
YP Bad Reviews #
YP Bad Reviews
Keywords In Homepage
Website Backlinks
Website Page Rank
Keyword in Title
City In Title
Twitter Page URL
Twitter Page URL Screenshot
Twitter Tweets #
Twitter Followers #
Groupon Offer
Groupon Offer Title
Groupon Purchases
Groupon Offer Expiration
Facebook Page URL
Facebook Page URL Screenshot
FB Likes #
FB Talking About This #
FB Social Score
FB Social Rating
FB Posts in Last 30 Days
FB Last Posted Days Ago
FB Desktop Cover URL
FB Desktop Cover URL Screenshot
Google+ Cover URL
Google+ Cover URL Screenshot
Twitter Cover URL
Twitter Cover URL Screenshot
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
FB Retargeting Pixel
Display Ad Retargeting
Youtube URL
Youtube URL Screenshot
Youtube Subscribers
Youtube Views
Youtube Videos
Youtube Video Search
Google Video Search
Instagram URL
Posts #
Instagram Followers #
Instagram ID

Lead Kahuna has several "additional data points" listed below that you you can pull. 

Deal Sites
Social Covers

By default we automatically pull all of these for you. 

Here's a preview of some of the data we receive.

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