When adding a job you can also have our team preform automations for you once the lead list is final.  

For example we could: 

Push To ACT (Analytic Call Tracking)
Save to Existing Google Sheet
Run the Image Add-on
Run a List Cleaning
Push to Prospect Rocket (Cold eMail Platform)
Email Verification

You can also save your set of Automations. 

Use Case: You find yourself constantly using the same automations, ie:  Run List Cleaning (to get rid of Contacts that have no emails), and then Push To ACT (Analytic Call Tracking to make outbound sales calls).

Lets Automate It Now For The Future: 

  1. Select "Add New Automation" from the drop down
  2. Add those to integrations and set the order we want them to happen (simply drag and drop) 
  3. Name the Automation
  4. Click Next

See me do it here:

You get 5 times to save an automation you can use over and over. You only get to save 5 automation settings.

If you used up all 5 and would like to edit or delete one, you can by clicking Manage Automations:

If you have further questions, please contact support!

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