Syndwire uses Blogger's “posting by email”.

After account creation, please login to the Blogger account and follow the steps below:

  • 1. Click Settings on the left side navigation
  • 2. Click Email on the left side navigation.
  • 3. Select "Publish email immediately” radio button.
  • 4. Create a secretword by using standard numbers and letters. Be sure to copy the secret as you will use this later.
  • 5. Click Save settings and log out of the blogger account.

Use the below image as a reference guide. Each step corresponds with the directions above.

Adding a new Blogger account to Syndwire:

  • 1. Login to Syndwire.
  • 2. Click Accounts in the top navigation bar.
  • 3. Click the Blogger network from the table.
  • 4. Click Add New.
  • 5. Enter the Blogger Account Email, Username, Secretword, and Home Page URL
  • 6. Click Submit.

If you have followed the steps above, the blogger account is ready for submissions. 

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