To set up a Video Sync Trigger, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Triggers

2. Click New Trigger and choose Video Sync

3. Put in your Video Sync URL. Please follow the "Locate Youtube Channel ID" steps below for this step

4. Select accounts you want Video Sync to post to

5. Click Save Campaign


Locate Youtube Channel ID  

  1. Go to your Youtube video and open it.  
  2. Click on your Youtube channel name below the video.  
  3. Up at the top in the address bar you will find for example.
  4. Copy your Youtube channel ID, in this instance mine is UCrghUHV2BQOxpQXR4l53kcw.  The Video Sync URL format is

So as an example, my Youtube channel Video Sync URL would be :   You will need to place your own ID in the URL.

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