We have removed Facebook Account types from Syndwire. 

This decision, which was not made in haste, comes after much deliberation between our development team and project management staff.

The reasons for the removal of FB account types are many, and, complicated. 

However, to summarize, after careful consideration of all the facts, we believe that the inclusion of said account types no longer benefits our users goals with the software. 

We have seen, largely, that the types of social signals that are generated through SyndWire (and onto FB) are not reaching a substantial group of viewers (as most people's FB profiles are private), and that, in some cases, FB has shut down customer profiles. 

Obviously, losing, and having to reestablish account is much trickier with FB than it is with the other, various, account types integrated into SyndWire. 

We firmly stand behind our products, and are constantly striving to keep them up to date and compatible with the ever changing market.

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